Swimming and Rental Property Exploration

I had fun at the swimming baths with Leon, Kat forgot her swimming costume so I didn’t get much of a swim.

Rather than a stomp in the woods we drove up to Hest Bank and over to Priest Hutton to look at possible rental properties.

We looked at the dormer bungalow in Hest Bank, the cottage in Priest Hutton and three cottages in Caton.

The property in Caton looks wonderful, we just have to get Kat through the credit check!

[ADDITIONAL: Added from paper notes on 03/SEP/2009].

Premier Inn Post Fire Blues

I’m stuck in a hotel on the Lancaster Business Park after a fire at 32 Aldrens Lane.

I’m going to try and get organised before tomorrow. I’m going to go swimming and for a stomp round the woods, mainly to keep Leon entertained.

[ADDITIONAL: Added from paper notes on 03/SEP/2009].