Stupid Musical Longings for Nostalgic 80s Metal

I have a song in my head and I have absolutely no idea where it’s come from or who it is… other than it’s bad eighties metal!

I vaguely remember it being on a mix tape provided to me by Verity Lowe’s friend. I Believe this was in 1991 or 1992…

I’ve searched the net and discovered that it’s Love/Hate Yucca Man…

Does anyone else remember it? I think the only other song I remember from this album Wasted in America was Evil Twin…

You can grab the album here:

I’ve just read about Love/Hate’s publicity stunt on the Hollywood sign:

“On June 1 1992 Jizzy performed his legendary publicity stunt to try and help album sales. This involved Jizzy, with the help of a few others, successfully erecting a cross on the letter ‘Y’ of the Hollywood Sign and performing a mock crucifixion on it, with a camera crew in a helicopter to film it[2]. The band had assumed the authorities would quickly notice the stunt, but in the event Jizzy was stuck on the cross, 60 ft in the air, for several hours. Eventually a TV news helicopter spotted him and the police and fire dept were called to bring him down. He spent a few hours in jail and made headline news. However, Columbia were furious at the stunt and the publicity quickly faded with no noticeable impact on record sales. Although it did lead to the introduction of motion sensors on the sign.”

– Extract from Wikipedia.

They still got dropped by Columbia incidentally!

Banana Boat Song / Day De Light / Day O

I became interested late last night in the song of the title of this post. My interest leads out of previous conversations with Snowball with regard to sea shanties, and an overhearing of the explaination of what a “tallyman” is by the muppets!

The Banana Boat Song is a Jamaican Calypso folk song. The most commonly known version is the Harry Belafonte one. Traditionally it was sung by Jamaican banana workers loading bananas. Daylight has come, the shift is over and they want their work to be counted up so that they can go home (this is the meaning of the lyric “Come, Mr. Tally Man, tally me banana/ Daylight come and we wanna go home.”)

It is also perhaps worth noting that the song was used in the involuntary dancing at dinner scene in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice.

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