Truth is a complicated business

hmmm… Banita was right. Writing in blogs is especially difficult when you do not know your target audience. I mean… well… anyone could be reading this? Right? I don’t know what is going to offend. Nor do I know whether I want to tell you everything, something, the truth… That would depend entirely upon who you are. For example if you’re my boss then yes I had a stomach upset, and if you’re the lady I spent last night with, yes it was wonderful. D’ya see what I mean.

Truth is a complicated business, and blogs are public domain. I watched a friend of mine have an argument with someone before going out to a nightclub, yet despite the fact that we didn’t return until 4/5am, the first thing he did upon entering the house was to check the other person’s blog to see what they’d written about the dispute, before of course updating his own blog. This electronic feedback bemuses me. Life has become so public domain, even aside from CCTV and state surveillance we are constantly sharing our thoughts and ideas, revealing ourselves.

The act of watching changes the thing being watched. There’s a name for the theory, but my memory is blown. It’s mentioned in The Man Who Wasn’t There. I’ll find out and amend this entry… Unless someone out there wants to refresh my memory.
Then again… I am of course assuming I have an audience at all! That there is actually someone on the other side of this glass mirror listening to this drivel.

The act of revealation is a difficult one.

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  1. I blame it on reality TV….or perhaps it’s just another symptom.

    Hope you’re having many more wonderful nights! :-))

    BMM 🙂

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