I feel fed up. I failed my driving test again yesterday. I was in such a blind panic I just couldn’t concentrate. Kathryn got back from work at about 12:20 and my driving test wasn’t until 14:00. Somehow at 13:30 we were driving back to our house to pick up the paper bit of my driving licence and the other documentation I’d forgotten. At 13:40 I was attempting to find a garage to put some fuel in my car! At 13:50 I was still looking for the test centre in Heysham, despite having been there once before. By the time I actually made it to my test was in a complete unprepaired flap! It was a complete miracle that I made it there at all. I wasn’t really suprised that I failed.

It’s just frustrating ’cause I know that I often drive at test standard for a couple of hours at a time. When it comes to actually doing it in test conditions I fall to pieces. Who would have thought it! Damon suffering from “performance shyness”!

I’ve just spoken to my dear friend Cassie and she told me that she shouldn’t have passed but her examiner passed her anyway. Seemingly due to her inability to distinguish left from right! This has cheered me up a little.

I will work on making sure that I am suitably prepared next time and if there is any justice it will be third time lucky!

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  1. Well its April 2010 and Damon passd his driving test at last, over came his fear of flying/exams especially and flew through with flying colours. Oh happy daze –

  2. Driving examiners have too much power, the decisions they make can’t be argued against and there are no witnesses to back up anything you may want to say against them. Also they tell you that you’ve failed at the end of the test and mention the things you’ve done wrong which you may not be able to remember or relate to due to the intense stress of the test itself. There should be an independent body of driving invigilators who monitor progress of the test and make sure it is done fairly, they should not be in any way part of the DSA.
    People who have been banned from driving and have to retake their test appear to be the victims of discrimination because they are already at a disadvantage the moment the examiner sees any endorsements on their licence. Let’s all start a petiton and take action against these people who have been the subject of much complaint and who in many ways influence our lives and ability to be mobile, so instead of just having a whinge on here, let’s get together and take action to make things fairer for ourselves and those that will follow.

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