Visiting my Greek friend in Blackburn and Ten Pin Bowling again!

We had a good day. It was very good to see my Greek friend again after such a long spell of absence.

We set off too late but I was glad of the extra two hours asleep in my bed afforded to me by Kathryn not waking me up when I had asked her to.

We stuggled to find our Greek host but after some confusion (which included his next door neighbough telephoning him and us driving right past him on the worlds most convoluted traffic diversion) we found him outside the Postal Order.

We all dived in and Alex and Kat had cappuccino whilst I indulged in a Kopparburg, (non-alcoholic of course)!
Alex and Leon seemed to get on well, we must start on Alex’s baby sitting training as soon as possible.

Whilst we waited for our bowling lane to become free we talked with Alex about his Sandwich business, staffing issues, customers etc.all the while enjoying some drinks and “Hot Nuts” Mmmmmm.

The first game was very close, although I won by a healthy margin. The second game seemed to go much faster and although I won that one too, it felt undeserved. Alex played a much better game, getting a Double Strike. Kathryn’s game was terrible and it was clear that her back was hurting her.

Leon stayed awake this time, and was delightful during our bowling. He was very well behaved and appeared to be enjoying himself. It was very cute when he spontaneously clapped when his mommy got a Spare!

I look forward to our next game as hopefully Alex will give me a real run for my money, and Kathryn will be pain free and back on form. We have tentatively agreed to play again in the middle of November.

We went to Pizza Hut afterwards and I ate far too much garlicy pizza! We’ve just got back and tucked Leon up in bed and I’m shattered.

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