“Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.” – Alfred North Whitehead.

Kathryn suggested yesterday that I must be unsatisfied with aspects of my business or I wouldn’t keep looking for other business elements. However I would counter with the above quote from Mathematician and Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead that ideas require action!

Visiting my Greek friend in Blackburn and Ten Pin Bowling again!

We had a good day. It was very good to see my Greek friend again after such a long spell of absence.

We set off too late but I was glad of the extra two hours asleep in my bed afforded to me by Kathryn not waking me up when I had asked her to.

We stuggled to find our Greek host but after some confusion (which included his next door neighbough telephoning him and us driving right past him on the worlds most convoluted traffic diversion) we found him outside the Postal Order.

We all dived in and Alex and Kat had cappuccino whilst I indulged in a Kopparburg, (non-alcoholic of course)!
Alex and Leon seemed to get on well, we must start on Alex’s baby sitting training as soon as possible.

Whilst we waited for our bowling lane to become free we talked with Alex about his Sandwich business, staffing issues, customers etc.all the while enjoying some drinks and “Hot Nuts” Mmmmmm.

The first game was very close, although I won by a healthy margin. The second game seemed to go much faster and although I won that one too, it felt undeserved. Alex played a much better game, getting a Double Strike. Kathryn’s game was terrible and it was clear that her back was hurting her.

Leon stayed awake this time, and was delightful during our bowling. He was very well behaved and appeared to be enjoying himself. It was very cute when he spontaneously clapped when his mommy got a Spare!

I look forward to our next game as hopefully Alex will give me a real run for my money, and Kathryn will be pain free and back on form. We have tentatively agreed to play again in the middle of November.

We went to Pizza Hut afterwards and I ate far too much garlicy pizza! We’ve just got back and tucked Leon up in bed and I’m shattered.


So much for keeping this blog up-to-date! I now at least think each day about what I would like to write in my blog were I to have the time.

Today’s entry would include pictures of my blackberry bush.

You see how far I got there? It’s never going to happen. In reality I bought the bush weeks ago, I still haven’t got round to repotting it. I’ve not photographed it yet. It’s already starting to wilt!

I feel somewhat subdued today. I think it’s going to rain.

  • Arguments with Kathryn
  • Broken glass on the Kitchen floor
  • Unsatisfying ASDA online food delivery
  • Cooking disaster

I guess if it does rain at least that might help the blackberry bush.


I feel fed up. I failed my driving test again yesterday. I was in such a blind panic I just couldn’t concentrate. Kathryn got back from work at about 12:20 and my driving test wasn’t until 14:00. Somehow at 13:30 we were driving back to our house to pick up the paper bit of my driving licence and the other documentation I’d forgotten. At 13:40 I was attempting to find a garage to put some fuel in my car! At 13:50 I was still looking for the test centre in Heysham, despite having been there once before. By the time I actually made it to my test was in a complete unprepaired flap! It was a complete miracle that I made it there at all. I wasn’t really suprised that I failed.

It’s just frustrating ’cause I know that I often drive at test standard for a couple of hours at a time. When it comes to actually doing it in test conditions I fall to pieces. Who would have thought it! Damon suffering from “performance shyness”!

I’ve just spoken to my dear friend Cassie and she told me that she shouldn’t have passed but her examiner passed her anyway. Seemingly due to her inability to distinguish left from right! This has cheered me up a little.

I will work on making sure that I am suitably prepared next time and if there is any justice it will be third time lucky!

Two Saudis and a Yemeni were “committed” and had killed themselves in “an act of asymmetric warfare waged against us”.

The idea that someone is so desperately unhappy that they successfully commit suicide whilst imprisoned is an unpleasent one and raises questions about the of acceptability of imprisonment as a form of punishment. When you consider that those held in Guantanamo have not yet being convicted of a crime, being given a fair and open trial or had access to independent judges or lawyers, it angers me that the anyone could attempt to suggest that this is “act of war”!

Two Saudis and a Yemeni were “committed” and had killed themselves in “an act of asymmetric warfare waged against us”. They committed suicide for christ’s sake!?!? How on earth can that be construed as an act of warfare? You think I’m quoting out of context maybe?

Rear Adm Harris said he did not believe the men had killed themselves out of despair. “They are smart. They are creative, they are committed,” he said. “They have no regard for life, either ours or their own. I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical warface waged against us.”

BBC News Article: Guantanamo suicides ‘acts of war’

I mean does the American military that be really believe that or alternatively do they believe I’m stupid enough to believe them when they say it? I’m not sure which is worse. Continue reading “Two Saudis and a Yemeni were “committed” and had killed themselves in “an act of asymmetric warfare waged against us”.”